Floating dock - Alkor’s Repair Facilities

Alkor has available one floating dock with the following parameters:


  • Total length – 150.00m
  • Inner width – 24.70m
  • Lifting capacity - 6000 t
  • PRS (Polish Register of Shipping) class
  • Dock cranes 2 x 5 t

Moreover, Alkor has available repair quays with a total length of 300 m. The quays are provided with technical utilities and crane 1 x 30 t.

Provision is also made for additional berthing of ships with a total length of 300 m.

Alkor has a machining shop, fitter’s workshop, storage house and storage areas on the quay.

A total of 65 production workers is employed in different shipyard’s professions. The Company uses to a large extent the services of subcontractors in respect of hull, pipe, electrical and outfitting work.


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Our clients are offered the full scope of ship repair, class survey, conversion and extension work.


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Repair Facilities

Alkor has available one floating dock with the following parameters: Total length – 150.00m, Inner width – 24.70m, Lifting capacity - 6000 t


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List of ships

Since the beginning of its existence the company has carried out repairs and conversions of nearly 800 ships of various types and flags including ships of the Polish, Icelandic, Norwegian, British, Dutch, German, Greek and other Owners.

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